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Root Canals

See How a Root Canal Procedure Can Save Your Tooth

Root canal therapy may be one of the most feared procedures in dentistry, but it actually relieves a lot more pain than it causes. In fact, root canal therapy is often the only way to stop a severe toothache and save a patient’s tooth. Discover why root canal therapy is among the most effective procedures available and how it can save your tooth.

Reasons You May Need Root Canal Therapy

Many people get toothaches without requiring root canal therapy, but certain circumstances can cause enough damage to make the procedure necessary. Here are some of the most common reasons a patient may need root canal therapy:

  • An injury occurs that leaves the pulp exposed
  • A cavity has become deep enough to reach the nerve
  • Trauma can cause the nerve to die and infect the tooth
  • A tooth with a large filling may result in “irreversible pulpitis”

Root Canal Therapy Can Relieve Your Pain

Whatever the reason for your dental pain, a root canal procedure is often the best way to put an end to it. The reason root canal therapy is able to relieve pain in your tooth is because it removes the nerve tissue, pulp, and all living parts of the tooth, leaving only a shell. At the end of the process, a crown will typically be added to the tooth to give it strength and durability.

The Root Canal Procedure is Safe and Involves Minimal Discomfort

Despite it’s ominous reputation, root canal therapy is not very painful at all, especially since we provide adequate anesthesia for the procedure. The truth is, patients come to us seeking relief for their pain. The root canal treatment will provide the aid and comfort our patients desire. With all of the nerve tissue in a tooth removed, it will be impossible for that tooth to bother you in the future.

More Questions? Ask Drs. Christian and Lindsay Mitchell!

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