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Dental bridges are an excellent way to replace missing teeth!

But like all dental treatments, no one method is appropriate for every patient. That’s why we’ll start with a consultation and see which restorative treatment best fits your needs. Millions of patients have replaced their missing tooth with a dental bridge, and filling the empty gap with a bridge does offer major benefits for your smile. Learn more about the dental bridge and see if it sounds like the optimal restorative treatment for you.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A bridge is named as such because it creates a bridge over your missing tooth that’s anchored by the surrounding teeth, which are each strengthened with a crown. The goal of a dental bridge is to restore function and improve aesthetics in patients who are missing one or more adjacent teeth. Bridges are typically made of gold, porcelain, alloys, and other metals, and they’re designed to last about 5-10 years.

How Does a Dental Bridge Work?

First, to qualify for a dental bridge, your missing teeth must be surrounded by strong, healthy teeth so they can support the bridge. These surrounding teeth will be resized before your dental bridge is placed, and a mold will be created and sent to a lab, allowing their technicians to custom design the exact dental bridge you need. With crowns acting as support on each side, a pontic will be used as your new tooth completing the dental bridge.

Who’s the Best Candidate for a Dental Bridge?

Living with even one missing tooth can disrupt the other healthy teeth and cause additional problems. A bridge can solve many of the issues that are typically associated with missing teeth. The best candidates for a dental bridge are people who are missing one or a few teeth that are surrounded by healthy teeth. Also, since dentures or dental implants may be viable options, it’s worth asking about those restorations at your consultation as well.

Dr. Mitchell Can Determine the Perfect Restoration for You

Whether you fit the criteria for a dental bridge or another restorative treatment is better for you, we’ll determine your options and discuss everything during our consultation. Schedule an appointment to speak with Dr. Christian Mitchell or Dr. Lindsay Mitchell to get started. We’d love to meet you!